Lámpara Disfruta

LÁMPARA  “proyectora de sombras”  Lamp projector shadows

Materia Prima caja de fruta  Raw material Box of fruit

Dimensiones diámetro 12 cm altura 26cm  Dimensions  diameter 4,7″ Height  10.1″

Hecha a mano  Handicraft                   

Con portalámparas E14

Stock    4 unidades  Stock    4 units

Precio   60 euros    Sale 60 euros + shipping cost

Hacer pedido  Order en phimola@gmail.com


Acerca de phimola

I´m a universal designer. My advanced mind is full of surprises. Really ingenious, this cocktail of knowledges with my sharp mind. I love a long life, a long moment and eternal instant. I´m ecologist´s urban. I trust in values of creativity and humankind. Sustainable Commonwhealth is the next generation of economy. In this blog with my drawings search anyway of view. Cyclic Being is a miniature collection with more than eighteen pieces since 2014. Barred Structure is the collection in working process.
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